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Dr Rademaker’s Prescription For Transformation Radio Show

It is by no mistake that you are here – there is an intelligence around us – tap into that intelligence, tap into your authentic genius and live the life you desire. This platform brings new voices, new insights, new solutions all to help discover our own identity and therefore our own independence. Tune in today to hear real people having real conversations.

Who is Dr. Bart Rademaker?

Dutch born and currently living in the United States, Dr Rademaker has extensive medical training and is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon.  He is a major advocate for wellness and complimentary alternative medicine, trained in integrated energy healing, an ambassador for autologous stem cell therapy and a thought leader in belief medicine. He sates “the future of medicine is in you” and you can tap into that intelligence that creates health and wellness. His conversation includes our brain intelligence, our body intelligence and our energy intelligence.

#1 Best Seller 52 Week Success Plan

We all know what we are supposed to do – but we don’t do it!

52 week success plan makes it easy for you to tap into those very things you know will make a huge difference in your life from wealth, happiness, and health. This book delivers easy steps to your personal success without having to figure out why you don’t do what you know is good for you.

Success builds on more success – and this is the simple secret. The book describes 52 different easy to succeed at habits that can significantly alter the course of your life. Each habit is a quick read with key information as to its value and reasons why you will benefit. All you do now is commit to practicing each habit daily for an entire week. If this new habit resonates well with you, then all you do is continue the habit. Success is that easy.

These habits are not new. These habits are not difficult. These habits are the same ones that the super successful people use. They are all time proven by the giants that lead before us. Like Tony Robbins, Napolean Hill, and others.