Allograft ExpertDr. Bart Rademaker is a leader in the Tampa, Florida community regarding allograft and regenerative medicine. For years, Dr. Bart has worked with experts in the field of stem cell therapy to learn the latest options and benefits it offers patients. Known mainly as a top plastic surgeon, he has added allotransplantation to his services because it provides patients with an alternative option for treatment as well as improves the recovery time after a procedure. Many of his patients who have tried the therapy have found it to be very straightforward and effective and he recommends it only on a case by case basis depending on the patient’s condition.

Allotransplantation or an allograft is when cells or tissues are transplanted from one person to another. Usually, the donor is a genetically, non-identical provider. It can also include organ transplants and falls under the names allogeneic transplant as well as homograft. These treatment options are becoming more and more popular under the category of stem cell therapy or regenerative medicine because they offer patients the chance to address a variety of ailments without the need for chemical treatment or more invasive options. Some doctors will also use them in assistance of the recovery for the patient.

As you look for information regarding an allograft, stem cell therapy or anything else, keep in mind that Dr. Bart Rademaker is widely considered by many to be an expert in the field and is happy to share his knowledge with patients who are interested in the treatment as well as doctor’s who are considering offering it as a service for their own practices. If you have questions and would like to learn more about the process, how it can assist people, marketing the service, recovery time and so forth, contact us via the website or phone today for further assistance and information.