Cell TherapyIs stem cell therapy a treatment option o preventative option for coronavirus? It’s a fair question and one that many people are trying to find out right now. The fact is that there are still questions about regenerative medicine and what it can and cannot treat. However, these answers are not going to be found online, they are going to be found by consulting experienced doctors who have taken the time to research stem cell therapy and know its limitations as well as its capabilities. Let’s start with information provided by Dr. Bart Rademaker regarding the use of regenerative medicine.

Over the years, Dr. Bart Rademaker has found regenerative medicine to be a reliable and safe treatment option, other in place of something more invasive or chemically enhanced, or as a way to assist in the recovery from a procedure or injury. It also offers an opportunity to improve the quality of life for patients who suffer from genetic disorders and other conditions. Every day, new applications of stem cells are being discovered and benefiting patients in ways never before considered. However, that does not mean that anyone can use it or administer it. To ensure the quality of the medicine, an experienced medical professional needs to be the one who provides this service to patients.

Dr. Bart Rademaker has years of experience working with cell therapy and has used it to treat several patients in need of an alternative and more reliable form of treatment. As you browse through the site for information, remember that you can also contact the doctor if you yourself are a doctor and are interested in learning more about how this treatment is administered and how you can add I as a service offered by your practice. If you have any questions, please refer to the information found on the site before contacting the doctor.