Mesenchymal Signaling CellsOver the last few months, search results for mesenchymal signaling cells has gone up on search engines around the world. Why is that? With little coverage in the media over the last couple of years, stem cell therapy has taken a back seat to new innovations and treatment options. So, why the increase in interest for this once controversial therapy option? Part of it has to do with the information that is coming out about how it benefits patients who are dealing with discomfort and need reliable and safe pain management. Another reason may be the fact that it either offers an alternative to surgery or works as a way to assist those recovering from it during their therapy.

Dr. Bart Rademaker of Florida believes that there is another reason that mesenchymal signaling cells are being researched so heavily online. He believes that the coronavirus is forcing patients and doctors to look for alternative medicine options that are proven and effective. While there is little information of how stem cell treatments can combat the coronavirus, the fact is that people are interested in learning more and they want to know if it provides a reliable option for fighting the virus that has turned the world upside down.

In order to provide assistance, Dr. Bart Rademaker is also offering his expertise to doctors who are interested in adding mesenchymal signaling cells and other regenerative medicine to their practice as a service their patients can select. To ensure that the doctors are ready to offer this service and also are given the right information, he is personally working with physicians around the country and posting blogs and podcasts through his site and social media which are free to review. If you have any questions about MSC or would like to contact the doctor directly, you can do so by calling today.