Mesenchymal Stem CellsWhenever you are online researching information regarding mesenchymal stem cells, keep one thing in mind. There are thousands of websites that offer information about this type of therapy and the science behind it. However, unless you speak with a doctor like Dr. Bart Rademaker, you will not have the latest and most reliable information on regenerative medicine and therefore will be at a disadvantage. The information provided online about stem cells may be accurate. However, if it is not the latest news about the treatment option, then it does you a disservice as a patient as well as a doctor.

Doctor’ are having a difficult time keeping busy as their practice is losing patients to clinics and telemedicine. As you look for ways to grow and expand, it’s important to remember that you still need to provide elite quality and care for your patients. Dentists are offering Botox services and other cosmetic options. Dermatologists are offering laser treatments that not only help the skin but also reduce back pain. General practitioners are offering medications and licenses for medical marijuana, all in the hope of keeping their practice open. So, how do mesenchymal stem cells play a roll in all of this?

Dr. Bart Rademaker is showing doctors all around the country how adding stem cell therapy and information about mesenchymal stem cells treatments to their practice can offer long-term benefits to both their patients and their business. Over the last year, the search volume for regenerative medicine has gone up significantly despite little coverage in the media. This is because more and more people are finding the long-term benefits that this therapy has for a variety of conditions and they want to learn more about it. If you feel that this would be a great addition to your practice, feel free to contact us today.