Regenerative MedicineAs Dr. Bart Rademaker begins to offer information regarding regenerative medicine, one of the things he emphasizes the most as far as doctors offering it as a service is that it does not have to take away from current efforts or services that you are offering. For example, Dr. Rademaker is a well known and regarded plastic surgeon in the Tampa, Florida area. However, the additional service of offering stem cell therapy to his patients as well as teaching it to other doctor’s has not taken away from his plastic surgery business. If anything, it has added value as he’s able to offer many of his patients a safer and more reliable option for healing from treatment and injuries.

Regenerative medicine is one of the leading researched areas of the medical field. Each month, tens of thousands of people including patients and doctors, spend hours on their computers researching the topic which includes stem cell therapy, trying to get information on the latest studies and applications that it offers. Because it is usually not discussed in mainstream media, many people have forgotten about the advantages that the therapy offers or the fact that it’s even available. That’s why it’s best to consult with an expert in the field to ensure you are getting the right information regarding the treatment.

Regarding regenerative medicine, Dr. Bart Rademaker wants to make sure that people, including doctor’s, understand the advantages that this service can offer patients in regards to healing, strengthening the body to fight off diseases like the coronavirus and so forth. However, to ensure that it does not become a diluted service with non-essential personnel offering the service, Dr. Bart only offers the treatment to his patients or will teach other doctor’s how to offer it. He in no way will team non-medical professionals because he wants to make sure that anyone offering this service to patients is proven and trained.