Umbilical Cord Blood TherapyDr. Bart Rademaker is happy to provide detailed information on the benefits of umbilical cord blood ad stem cells. Given the issues with the coronavirus and the worldwide threat it has created, patients are looking for more reliable options for treatments. Along with that, many doctors are having a difficult time making sure that they can cover their costs and earn a living just focusing on their field of study. In order to improve their business and still offer a beneficial service to patients, many are looking for ways to branch out and regenerative medicine is becoming a popular option.

The umbilical cord blood is a key element in regenerative medicine as it contains the stem cells that are needed to treat a variety of conditions including certain types of cancers, injuries where muscles and tissues are damaged, diseases, genetic conditions and more. In fact, experts have seen benefits of stem cell therapy in regards to prevention or treatment of the coronavirus and are still doing tests to gather more information on how they can assist patients. It’ important to make sure that facts are doublechecked and that proper testing has been done so that patients can get reliable information in order to make an informed decision regarding their health.

Because the use of cells found in umbilical cord blood has been proven to assist with other ailments and medical conditions, Dr. Bart Rademaker is happy to provide additional information on the use of this therapy for assisting with the coronavirus outbreak. If you are a doctor who is interested in learning how this treatment can be added to your list of services, contact Dr. Bart today for more information. If you are a patient who wants to learn more about regenerative medicine, feel free to check out the site and then give Dr. Rademaker a call.