Umbilical Cord Tissue TherapyIn order to combat a lot of the misinformation on the web, including topics of umbilical cord tissue and stem cells, Dr. Bart Rademaker is offering free consultations to both patients and doctors who want to get the facts on regenerative medicine and their benefits. Because there are so many things that are misrepresented online, he felt that it would be an appropriate time to offer reliable information that can be used by everyone. This is especially needed right now as rumors are spreading that regenerative medicine can treat the coronavirus and other condition that people are concerned with and are looking for treatment options.

To be clear, the information about umbilical cord tissue and the coronavirus is very minimal as people are trying to figure out exactly how and if it offers a benefit. In theory, because stem cell therapy has assisted so many patients with the treatment of medical conditions like cancer and genetic diseases, it should offer a benefit to those trying to fight off coronavirus. However, there are a large number of factors that ply a role in that, and this type of therapy should only be administered by a medical professional, especially one with years of experience.

If a doctor wants to learn more about how to offer umbilical cord tissue and stem cell therapy to their patients, the best thing to do is to contact Dr. Bart Rademaker. Know only is Dr. Bart well experienced in the area of regenerative medicine, but he also knows the challenges of offering a different kind of service when you specialize in a specific area of medicine. Dr. Rademaker is well known in the Tampa, Florida area as a leading plastic surgeon. However, over the last several years he has expanded his business to include regenerative medicine options and is happy to show other doctor’s how to do the same and grow their practice to current and new patients.