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The practice of gratitude will change your life forever. Discover this magic and find more ways to tap into this:

The following books, videos and links are great resources for experiencing more gratitude:

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Magic (The Secret Book 3)

Gratitude Journal by Jack Canfield

Gratitude Works!: A 21-Day Program for Creating Emotional Prosperity [Kindle Edition]

Video: Robert Emmons: What Good Is Gratitude?

Berkely website on Robert Emmons





Gratitude on Pinterest

Subliminal video on gratitude

Eckhart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey – Abundance and Gratitude



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How does complaining really help you?

Is it a way to vent and release and to help you feel feel better? If you want to complain less, discover some tools and resources on this page. Notice when you complain: the part in you that you can  change so you won’t want to complain. In the book, 52 Week Success Plan,  Life Changing Principles To Greater Wealth, Happiness and Heath, as you complain, you attract more of what you don’t want in life.


A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted [Kindle Edition], Will Bowen

The seven day mental diet, Emmet Fox



Internet Articles

Do you complain too much? (or not enough?)  WebMD Feature from “Good Housekeeping” Magazine


How to complain less, Joshua becker

10 ways to complain less and be happier, Tiny Buddha

I Went 21 Days Without Complaining and It Changed My Life Huffington Post



Stretch: Reference to go: 50 stretches



Yoga II: Reference to Go: 50 Poses and Meditations for Body, Mind, and Spirit Kindle Edition




Joints warm-up Exercise 關節熱身運動


Full Body Stretch



Stretch Mate Orthopedic Back Stretcher, the Natural Treatment for Backache



Medi-Dyne ProStretch Unilateral Stretching System





Lastics: A Stretch Workout Like No Other



OPTP Stretch Out Strap with Exercise Booklet







Books on Kindle


Affirmations: The Power of Affirmations & The Secret to Their Success – Plus 1,000 Positive Affirmations to Transform Any Area of Your Life (Law of Attraction in Action Book 2)



The power of Affirmations

Quotes and Images

louise hay my local wellness bart rademaker

Louise Hays Affirmations

Heal your life

mind body green my local wellness bart rademaker

Mind Body Green Affirmations

You Tube

louise hay my local wellness bart rademaker 2

Super Powerful Postive Affirmations – Louise Hay

Free apps

Daily Affirmations on I tunes




The Power Of Incantations: Tony Robbins Events And Products



results my local wellness bart rademaker habits

There is a substantial benefit when you are clear about either your intention or outcome over the next few minutes to hours or even the whole day. This sets the tone for what you are about to experience. By being more pro active in your decision about what you want to experience – then you are likely to attract that experience – if only by the simple ability to focus on what you want. Our experience in life is generated by what we choose to focus on and any of the filters that modulates our perception of the experience.

If my intention is to have a productive, learning and effortless experience – I shall be looking for these elements and as I do indeed find them, I will feel much more on purpose and fulfilled. It is always our choice as to what we focus on – even in the most dire circumstances. As a habit, we discuss this in the book 52 week success plan – also available on Amazon.

The following are excellent resources that we have chosen for you.

Articles And Website


The power of focus directing your life with intention. Tiny Buddha


How Best Do I Use Focused Intention. Science Of The Lost Symbol


Focus Intention. Focus-Intention.com


Disciplining Your Mind To Become Better At Manifesting. Steve Pavlina Blog


Change  Your Intention To Focus Your Attention. Harvard


Intention. Healing.About


Common Creativity Perspective Power Of Intention. Creative Spirit


Mans Search For Meaning

As a Man Thinketh






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We all know what we are supposed to do – but we don’t do it!

52 week success plan makes it easy for you to tap into those very things you know will make a huge difference in your life from wealth, happiness and health. This book delivers easy steps to your personal success without having to figure out why you don’t do what you know is good for you.

Success builds on more success – and this is the simple secret.  The book describes 52 different easy to succeed at habits that can significantly alter the course of your life.  Each habit, is a quick read with key information as to its value and reasons why you will benefit. All you do now is commit to practice each habit daily for an entire week. If this new habit resonates well with you, then all you do is continue the habit. Success is that easy.

These habits are not new. These habits are not difficult. These habits are the same ones that the super successful people use. They are all time proven by the giants that lead before us. Like Tony Robbins, Napolean Hill, and others.

Ordinary practices for ordinary people making people be  extraordinary and live extraordinary lives!



Resource Page

The author has provided additional resources for each of the chapters of the book including links to other sites that you may find very beneficial. 

Power Of Gratitude

Don’t Complain All Day

Motion And Stretch

Daily Affirmations And Inspirations

Results / Outcome Focused Day

The Power Of Focusing On One Thing

7 Questions To Ask Yourself During The Day

Listen To Your Body

Commit To Finishing The Job

Target Your Time

Ask For What You Want And Be Prepared To Get It

Being Present

Focus On What Is Great

Law Of Requisite Variety

Stand Guard At The Door Of Your Brain

Letting The Inner Child Out

Time Out


Personal Growth

Routine Your Decisions

How We Communicate Does Not Work

Art Of Compliments

Selfish VS Self Actualized And Self Love


Value Chain

Power Nap

Enough Sleep

Back To Nature – Vitamin G (Green)

Be Creative

Retreat: Rejuvenate Regenerate And Replenish

Create Your Own Personal Retreat

The Art Of Standing Up And Moving

Daily Tai Chi – Moving Meditation


Bio Dancing, Rhythm Dancing And Trans-Dancing

Capture Your Dream

Whatever You Do – Do It Well

Interrupt Negative Emotions

Vocabulary Shift


Celebrate Your Faults And Your Weakness

Read The Label


Be Inspired


Listen To Music

60-90 Work Cycles

Take A Break From Social Media

Model Success

Who Am I?

Happy Inventory

Future Pace It