Life List New Zealand


Making a difference from the South to North Islands, and the Tropics of Vanuatu!!

A trip designed for transformational leaders and messengers


RE: Join Bart Rademaker’s Team in New Zealand in 2017

Life-List New Zealand 2016 is an 14-day life-changing trip to the country of New Zealand created by Spryte Loriano Global and No Regrets Productions.  This trip combines the life-changing experience of living your bucket list and contributing your gifts to make a difference in the lives of the people in New Zealand.

If you are reading this document then it means that you can be considered to join a team of transformational leaders led by Bart Rademaker to accomplish four things:

  • Fulfill your Bucket List items by traveling to an exotic country, engaging in enriching cultural exchanges, while contributing your wisdom and resources to local communities.
  • Connect with other Transformational Leaders and Entrepreneurs in a high-level Mastermind and share your vision and mission.
  • Be a part of an international experience that not only provides adventure and excitement but provides massive Contribution – you’ll deliver clean water systems to villages that desperately need it, and to help empower, uplift and educate through our International Wisdom-Share Program called, INSPIRE.
  • Be one of the Messengers Featured in a Web- TV series and receive your own Sizzle Reel that features you in this experience.

On November 5th twenty leaders and messengers will arrive to Queenstown, South New Zealand to accomplish all of the above. During this trip No Regrets Productions will film the entire experience to create a 2-part “Live Your List” TV series on messengers making a difference in another country and featuring the message they share with the world.

Listen to the insights in the following video clips and consider how you would like to have a similar experience:











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