What is our future to be if we can not find the good in all things and make them better?

Where is our humanity if we can not find greatness even in desperate times?

Bart Rademaker, MD  (SriLanka Tsunami Relief 2005 – 2006)


The world is our oyster and our playground: to explore and to nurture.

Dr Rademaker has always been fascinated with geography and cultures of the world and committed to contribute to its well being. After his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian work in El Salvador in 2001, he was even more inspired to help others embrace and experience the same.  Rademaker Expeditions & Welby Medical Frontiers.


Upcoming Expeditions: Life List New Zealand 2017

VIDEO SYMBOL 2Legacy of a great humanitarian: Rafael Bejarano & the foundation in his honor

VIDEO SYMBOL 2Interview with Dr Rademaker during Humanitarian Trip to Ecuador June 2015