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Regenerative medicine is a form of tissue engineering and molecular biology which deals with the “process of replacing, engineering or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function”.

Extending Human


Cell therapies and regenerative medicine represent a structural shift in healthcare by focusing on the underlying causes of disease and creating an environment that facilitates the restoration to normal function thus improving health, quality of life and the increase of longevity.

Replenish, Rejuvenate,

Replace Your Business

We have an obligation to our patients and our business to effectively integrate best science, regulation and innovative manufacturing methods to satisfy market demands for optimizing health solutions made available and affordable to all.


If you are not practicing today in regenerative medicine with stem cells, you are missing out on the biggest opportunity of your lifetime, and if you are, you might lose it all! There is a complete new paradigm shift in our knowledge and ability to heal patients with regenerative medicine. Are you going to be part of this?


You have spent years of your time, money and hard work only to improve and serve the well being of your community only to be denied the ability to make a real difference for your patients with innovative medical solutions that are currently available to you. Your patients need and desire to be healed to live a fulfilling life. You deserve to be properly rewarded for your dedication and all the knowledge you have to the highest profession. Then you can live the lifestyle you were always promised and feel you deserve.


The time is right now to find your success in regenerative medicine with stem cells. But here is your problem: too many options with misleading information and promises, severe regulatory restraints and you don’t know how to compete against the outrageous claims made by your competition and risk being shut down by the FDA.


If you are not willing to accept mediocrity in treating your patients in the only industry that is consistently being stripped of the ability to practice effective medicine and get the appropriate reward for all your efforts, this program is for you. Others are leaving the industry or not getting into it in the first place so that they can live the life of their dreams. You don’t have to do that when the biggest opportunity of your life time is ready for you, but you must take advantage of it now before you are too late and left behind to watch others succeed.


Bottom line – you deserve to give your patients the absolute best treatment options that scientific research is discovering and deliver dramatic change in peoples’ lives. You can practice with total integrity and live the lifestyle you desire and make a real difference you always thought possible. Its why you got into it in the first place.

Dr. Rademaker

Dutch-born and currently living in the United States, Dr. Bart Rademaker, MD, is board certified in both plastic and reconstructive surgery. He attended Erasmus University of Rotterdam Medical School and completed his general surgery residency at Providence Hospital in Michigan. He then finalized his training with a two-year plastic and reconstructive surgery residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin and additionally was fellowship-trained at the Mayo Clinic under one of the world’s leading craniofacial surgeons, a pioneer in reconstructive surgery of the skull and face, as well as cosmetic surgery.


Your next step for you, your practice, your livelihood, and your patients:

learn the specifics of how you will be able to succeed in your practice with the knowledge of proven science and results.

Get free access to summaries of clinical studies investigating safety and efficacy of regenerative medicine and find out the critical positions that the FDA has taken so that you can easily and with confidence navigate the imposed regulations.

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The purpose of this program is to help you:

Navigate the field of regenerative medicine with confidence as the pioneers in this industry have paved the way for its success for all of us.

Help your patients change their lives and tap into their regenerative potential.

Rejuvenate your practice, invigorate your own dedication and mission in life and live the life you deserve.

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